Photo of Lockheed L-1329-25 Jetstar II, HB-JGK, Dynacore

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Type: Lockheed L-1329-25 Jetstar II
Aircraft Reg: HB-JGK
MSN / CN: 5233

Operator: Dynacore

Picture Category: Business Aircraft

Picture ID: 1038814
Location: Geneva - International (Cointrin) (GVA / LSGG)
Country: Switzerland
Date: 24th October 2010
Joe Heeney
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Comments: This is the only Jetstar ever registered in Switzerland, stored at GVA for many years as 7T-VHP this used to be Yasser Arafats's personal aircraft and it was operated on his behalf by Air Algerie, this Jetstar started life with Iraqi Airways as YI-AKA