Vampire Reunion Baldonnel
Photo Report
    Vampire Reunion Baldonnel

    Vampire Reunion Baldonnel

    Photographer: Frank Grealish
    Date: 3rd June 2010
    Location: Casement, Baldonnel (EIME), Ireland

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    In June 2010 a reunion was held at Casement Aerodrome, Baldonnel for former Vampire T.55 air and ground crew. The event was organized by the Vampire Reunion Committee, the Irish Air Corps Museum & Heritage Centre, the Roger Casement Branch of ONE, with support from Brig. Gen. Ralph James, Air Corps GOC, and CityJet.

    The Vampire Preservation Group's Vampire T.11 G-VTII, which was on static display earlier in the day, performed a flying display in the afternoon, flown by Mark Hooton.

    The Air Corps Museum had newly restored Vampire T.55 191 on static display along with a Goblin engine, Hispano cannon, Vampire ejector seat and other Vampire equipment & memorabilia.

    As well having a flying Vampire display at Baldonnel, the Air Corps continued, as much as possible, with normal flying operations, and not being one to pass up an opportunity to take pictures of aircraft I captured the comings & goings of the Air Corps too.