Tactical Leadership Program 2006-03
Photo Report
    Tactical Leadership Program 2006-03

    TLP 2006-03

    Photographers: Frank Grealish / Dave Phelan
    Date: 1st June 2006
    Location: Florennes (EBFS), Belgium

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    It was wet and miserable but the visit to Florennes for the second last day of TLP 2006-03 was too good to miss.

    Unfortunately the four Greek F-4's that were present for TLP didn't fly during the visit but we still got to see the Hornets, Mirage F1's (both Spanish & French), Super Etandards, F-16's & F-15E fly.

    While the weather wasn't sunny the damp conditions helped provide a lot of spray & vortices on take off, adding to the atmosphere.