Swiss Transport Museum 2009
Photo Report
    Swiss Transport Museum 2009

    Swiss Transport Museum

    Photographer: Frank Grealish
    Date: 14th March 2009
    Location: Lucerne, Switzerland

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    The Swiss Transport Museum (Verkehrshaus der Schweiz in German) is located in Lucerne which opened in July 1959. The museum exhibiting all forms of transport including locomotives, automobiles, motorbikes, ships, and aircraft. The museum also contains a planetarium and an IMAX cinema.

    The Aviation and Space Travel Hall opened in 1972 and the aircraft exhibits consists mostly of aircraft with a Swiss connection including the F + W N-20.2 Arbalete (Crossbow) 4 engined prototype jet fighter. Various aircraft that were operated by Swissair are on display here too, including examples of a Convair 990-30-6 Coronado and a Douglas C-47B Skytrain.