Saint Dizier Fence Visit May 2009
Photo Report
    Saint Dizier Fence Visit May 2009

    St. Dizier Fence Visit

    Photographer: Frank Grealish
    Date: 18th May 2009
    Location: St. Dizier - Robinson (LFSI), France

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    What started off as a fence visit to Reims Air Base for Mirage F1 action ended up as a fence visit to St. Dizier for Rafales instead.

    After sitting at the Reims fence for 2 hours with nothing flying Base Security decided to put me out of my misery by informing me that the base was closed so once my passport was checked by security it was off to St. Dizier.

    As a consolation prize a Puma flew over Reims before I left so I took a picture of that, its the first picture in this report.

    The first aircraft to appear while at St. Dizier was a fully loaded and armed Rafale, complete with a pair of Storm Shadow cruise missiles.

    The rest of the day was made up of various Rafales from the units based at St. Dizier with a bonus prize of a visiting Mirage F1 coming in to land as my last catch of the day.