LPG Lightning Twilight Reheat Run
Photo Report
    LPG Lightning Twilight Reheat Run

    LPG Lightning Twilight Reheat Run

    Photographer: Frank Grealish
    Date: 15th November 2008
    Location: Bruntingthorpe, UK - England

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    The Lightning Preservation Group (LPG), based at at Bruntingthorpe airfield in England, held a Twilight Static Reheat Run on November 15th 2008 and IrishAirPics went along to "feel the burn".

    The Twilight Run was organised as a fund raising event for the LPG so they can complete the QRA shed that houses their aircraft.

    English Electric Lightning F6, XS904, was the aircraft selected for the event (LPG have another Lightning F6, XR728, but she was out of action at the time of the visit).

    XS904 was towed to a hard stand area in front of the airfield control tower and when everything was in place and ready to go each engine was run up individually, the reheat was then engaged 2 or 3 times per engine.

    The LPG do not have the proper facilities for statically running both engines with reheat simultaneously, that is the reason why the engine were run individually. Just for illustration purposes I edited a picture to show what both engines being run together with reheat would look like.

    Once the run was over 904 was towed back to the LPG ramp area in front of the QRA shed, 728 was then also pulled out of the shed and both aircraft were illuminated with flood lights for the assembled photographers.

    IrishAirPics would like to thank Andy Brook and all the guys of the LPG for organising this event, it was their first time organising such an event but it went off without a hitch, similar events are planned for the future and I would definitely recommend paying it a visit.