LPG Lightning Run, February 2009
Photo Report
    LPG Lightning Run, February 2009

    LPG Lightning Run

    Photographers: Frank Grealish / Sonya Cooley
    Date: 7th February 2009
    Location: Bruntingthorpe, UK - England

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    The occasion was another lightning Preservation Group Lightning Run / Twilight Burn to raise funds for the Q-Sheds that were originally in place at RAF Wattisham but are now used to house the LPG's two English Electric Lightning fighters.

    However, the distinct lack of stored cars around the based aircraft combined with the aircraft and cockpit owners being present to show off their wares, combined with a nice sprinkling of snow on the ground led to the unexpected opportunity to visit the other aircraft present at Bruntingthorpe.

    The photos to the right are a combination of the Lightning Run / LPG Visit and visits to the other aircraft on the airfield. It was a cold but enjoyable day, well worth the visit if even just to get warmed up by the Lightning burner as it kicks in a few feet away from your cold face!