Glamping - The Big Move - Part 2
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    Glamping - The Big Move - Part 2

    By Frank Grealish / Sonya Cooley | 7th May 2016 | Enniscrone, Ireland
    Glamping - The Big Move - Part 2
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    Following on from Part 1 of our reporting of the move of a forner Transaero Boeing 767 from Shannon Airport to Enniscrone, Co. Sligo, where it will be converted into accommodation at the Quirky Nights Glamping Village, IrishAirPics paid a visit to Enniscrone to witness the 767 being moved from the barge.

    The barge was towed up the west coast of Ireland from Shannon Airport to Enniscrone, with the plan being to beach the barge and transfer the plane to a special low loader that would carry the plans to its final resting place a few hundred metres from the beach.

    High tide on Saturday morning, the 7th May, was the time that big move was due to kick off, but the weather had other ideas, and as a result the lift was delayed until the evening time. Unfortunately this meant that we would be unable to catch the move as we had other arrangements made.

    So we took photographs of the 767 on the barge just off shore, it is something you do not see every day so it was definitely worth the very early start.

    Enniscrone beach had a sizeable crowd of onlookers, even at 7am, all waiting for the move to happen, a plane shaped sandcastle was even built.

    With our pictures taken, we made our way towards home when a message, completely out of the blue, asked if I would be interested in taking aerial shots of the plane on the barge.

    Not being a person to turn down such an opportunity, a quick detour was made to Lough Conn Airfield where John Fallon was waiting with his Ikarus C42.

    We loaded up, took off, and in no time at all we were over Enniscrone. This provided the perfect opportunity to photograph not just the plane on the barge, but the preparations for the move on the beach, as well as the construction site that would become the Quirky Nights Glamping Village, the home for the 767.

    We are happy to report that the big move did commence on Saturday evening, and the 767 reached it new home in the early hours of Sunday morning.

    IrishAirPics would like to wish Quirky Nights all the best with their new venture, and we would like to thank John Fallon for the aerial photography offer, it was very much appreciated.