Behind the scenes at the Foynes Air Display 2014
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    Behind the scenes at the Foynes Air Display

    By Frank Grealish / Sonya Cooley | 5th & 6th July 2014 | Brittas International Airport, Limerick, Ireland
    Behind the scenes at the Foynes Air Display 2014
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    The Foynes 75th Anniversary Air Display was held over the weekend of 5th & 6th July 2014, and most of the aircraft that displayed were based at Brittas International Airport, a farm strip owned by Gerry Humphreys, which is about 30 miles / 45km east of Foynes.

    IrishAirPics spent the weekend at Brittas, capturing the comings and goings behind the scenes, indulging in a bit of flying throughout the weekend to catch some of the displays on their way to and from Foynes, and as they practised their routines in the Limerick skies.

    The weather forecast for the weekend was sunshine and showers, and between the showers, of which there were thankfully very few, there was lots of sunshine, fluffy white clouds and deep blue skies, making for some excellent photography.

    Things started early on Saturday morning, arrivals were not scheduled to start until later in the day so the opportunity was taken to do a bit of air to air photography with the 7/8th scale SE-5a replica owned and flown by Neil Geddes. The farmland around Brittas was lush and green, and the sun was shining, which all made for the perfect photoshoot. Throughout Saturday and Sunday, aircraft of all shapes and sizes arrived at Brittas, including singletons such as the CAP-231, Slingsby Firefly, Searey Amphibian and Christen Eagle.

    Display teams also arrived, including Team Raven, the Twisters, the Yakovlevs and the Chipmunk pair from the Irish Historic Flight. All in all over 30 aircraft were based at Brittas for the air show weekend.

    The flying activity over the entire weekend was pretty much non-stop, with aircraft arriving and departing, carrying out practise displays, as well as heading for Foynes on Sunday. The Breitling Wingwalkers, followed by the Twisters, did a sunset display at Foynes on Saturday night, the Twisters did their trademark sunset display using pyrotechnics.

    The video on the left, and photo gallery below, gives a perfect impression of the activities that took place over the weekend at Brittas. Thousands of pictures were taken, and multiple air to air photoshoots were carried out.

    Personal highlights from the weekend were flying alongside the sleek and fast Bede BD-5 flown by Howard Cox, along with flying through the clouds with Eddie Goggins and the CAP-231 in the late evening.

    Thanks to everyone who flew from Brittas that weekend, thanks also to Gerry, Vicky & Harry Humphreys for their hospitality.

    A special word of thanks has to go to Gerry Humphreys... Gerry was the air show organiser, and he also flew a few aircraft at the air show, yet he still managed to squeeze some air to air photoshoots into his busy weekend.

    Thank you all, as the Irish say "the craic was mighty". This was one of the best aviation related weekends we have attended in a long time.