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Aero-News: Quote of the Day (08.13.17)

Aero-News Quote of the Day "We received a number of complaints associated with yesterday's 4:55 a.m. departure. This operation was associated with an emergency aircraft flight for medical purposes. California PUC §21662.4 exempts emergency medical flights from local ordinances as long as the operator provides specific information regarding their departure. The PUC permits the operator to submit the required information regarding their medical emergency within 72 hours of their departure." Source: Airport director Stelios Makrides, responding to complaints made by arrogant, selfish, unfeeling NIMBYs, complaining about an early morning July takeoff at Santa Monica Airport... which tuurned out to be a medical flight bringing emergency care to a person in need. We knew we werre fighting a group of self-important/obsessed anti-aviation nutballs... but their complaints about a medical flight show that they have sunk to a new low.

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