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Airborne 06.13.17: Zenair Electric Bushplane, ATC Reform Oppo, Plane v Gator

Also: Aero-Calendar, Flexjet, Honeywell, TRU Simulation, Treed U/L, Rolls-Royce Solar Ship and Zenair Ltd have announced an agreement to convert the existing Zenair STOL CH750 aircraft into an electric bush plane. This new aircraft will provide extreme short take-off and landing (XSTOL) capability enabling pilots to take-off in areas without runways. The aircraft is recharged by either a battery swap or electric vehicle rechargers. It will not use fossil fuel and will be available as a bush plane, float or amphibious. Rep. Rick Larsen, joined by Rep. Peter DeFazio and Democrats on the House Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure, are rejecting President Trump’s plan to privatize America’s ATC system. Larsen has introduced H.R. 2800, the Aviation Funding Stability Act of 2017, which aims to strengthen and speed up the reforms taking place at the FAA. “This bill meaningfully complements NextGen’s progress,” said Larsen. Wouldn’t you love to be the insurance agent that handles THIS claim... A pilot landing on Runway 7 at Orlando Executive Airport (KORL) hit a large alligator that had strayed onto the runway. According to a Tweet from local pilot Brad Pierce, who was not the pilot involved in the incident, the 11-foot alligator "jumped up and struck the wing" of the Piper Navajo as it was landing at night. "The gator was killed instantly, and the aircraft sustained damage to the wing." The pilot, identified as Rick Crose, would not comment while the incident was under investigation by the FAA. He was not injured. All this -- and MORE in today's episode of Airborne!!!

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