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Airborne 04.14.17: Helo Adventure, ALPA Opposes Video, NATA v AOPA

Also: Skydive Cape Cod, Airline SNAFUs, KSMO, Flight Dispatchers, Deep Space, Luminati Aerospace, AG v ATC Peter Wilson is a man with a mission ... to "raise the profile of ‘a better planet through sustainable development.’" To do so, he launched "Three Journeys Round", and though he has already flown his Robinson R66 around Africa, he is now attempting a global circumnavigation with the aircraft -- which launched last week. He and co-adventurer Matthew Gallagher plan to visit 41 countries as they fly around the world. According to the project website, the purpose of these journeys is to raise the profile of ‘a better planet through sustainable development.’ ALPA is no fan of C.I.Rs. Cockpit Image Recorders (CIR) refers to the use of video cameras to record events in cockpits. Some, including the NTSB, advocate the installation of CIRs in commercial airliners. While on the surface these may appear to be reasonable claims, ALPA contends otherwise. The National Air Transportation Association has released a report provided to the FAA in response to charges levied by AOPA that FBOs and airports are maximizing their revenue streams in a manner that is unfair to pilots. Earlier this year, NATA became aware of AOPA’s eleven-month campaign to regulate airports and on-field businesses, obtained relevant documentation from the FAA and shared it with other impacted parties in GA. Recently, AOPA announced it is requesting either the FAA require FBOs to provide unfettered access to ramps and facilities, or airports to provide pilots with free public ramp space. All this -- and MORE in today's episode of Airborne!!!

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