Easter Rising Commemoration

This DVD covers the Air Corps participation in the Rising Commemoration events from 01 January 2016, including:
  • Opening events in Dublin Castle
  • 1st flag up on the GPO and O Connell St (both Air Corps)
  • Flags for Schools initiative
  • Air Corps involvement, planning for the flypast, from Cessna, CASA, Lear, Heli's, and PC9 perspective
  • Briefings etc. Good air to air footage of all
  • Brief segments from people involved, including march-past rehearsals in the Curragh using the smoke in the PC9s
  • As much coverage as possible of anything the Air Corps was involved in during the year
  • The last 20 mins or so is RTE aerial footage of the events including an interview with the RTE Outside Events Manager and the heli pilot involved in getting the footage
  • The extras include Easter Monday events, and also the Red Arrows & Frecce Tricolori at Baldonnel and Bray

Total running time of the main feature is 2 hours and 10 mins approx, the extras will be another 15 to 20 mins

Everyone who participated in the making of this documentary did so without any financial reward meaning that all profits excluding costs go to the Irish Air Corps Museum and Heritage Project.

Price is €10 Euro, excluding Shipping & Handling

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